Scotland has a long tradition of high quality early years provision. However, despite strong government policy and the knowledge that helping young children grow up well during the early years is more important and effective than investing money later, due to a number of factors which we hope to identify, it has been difficult to implement these policies.

The Executive Summary of our independent report, 'Sustaining the Ambition': The contribution of GTCS-registered teachers as part of the Early Learning and Childcare Workforce in Scotland, by Aline-Wendy Dunlop, Kate Frame, Judy Goodier, Chris Miles, Kitty Renton and Moira Small with Jillian Adie and Karen Ludke, which was funded by EIS, is available here (PDF).

Following on from our previous events, from May to October 2013 we ran a series of full-day seminars on the theme of The Well-Connected Child in Glasgow and Edinburgh, sponsored by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. For more information about the programme, click here.

Information about our second conference, "The Child's Curriculum II: From Ideas to Action" is available here.

Videos from our first conference, "The Child's Curriculum: What is the Value of Early Childhood Education and Care?" are available here.

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We encourage both parents and staff to please send us your concerns, or information, about early years provision in Scotland by email to contact@childscurriculum.org.uk.